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The bloody sport of cockfighting has its beginnings more than 6000 years ago. The ancient Persians a...

We use it every day, and yet we only really notice it when something goes wrong.  

There is a we...

Colours are used in language to invoke a feeling or a state of wellbeing. Feeling in the pink is a p...

Sex Please, we’re British. 


We’ve all had those moments when we are introduced to a new bit of technology that reminds us of som...

Travel introduces us to new things. New sights, sounds and smells, new food, new people and…new bugs...

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MyGlobalPension members are independent thinkers who value their financial freedom. Whether spending their days on fine dining pool side, or racing across the ocean in a 50 ft yacht, our members remain vital and interested in the world around them. They have spent their lives pursuing their dreams, and, with the support of the Wealth Management Group, they continue to live them.  

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