“Hi my name is John, and I’m a bird fancier…….”

“Welcome to our newest twitcher, John”

Having a hobby is a well-known way to keep yourself happy and healthy. It’s also a great way to meet people. Bird watching (also known as ‘twitching’) is a fabulous hobby to have if yo...

Our bodies are designed to move. Muscles, even small and weedy ones, help us do that. As we age our bodies produce less of the human growth hormones (HGH) that feed and nurture our muscles. It is part of the ageing process.  

Muscles are importa...

In Ye olde England and other Ye olde places, knowing how to shoot a bow and arrow was not just jaunty and delightful, it was a lifesaving skill. 

Not only did it allow people to hunt and catch their food, it also prevented them from be...

Once again around the world people have squashed themselves into narrow wooden boats and pounded away at the sea with small paddles to the beat of a maniacal drummer. On the front of the boat, a dragons head with wide open eyes forges through the waves. His scales deco...

This week the sports world was left reeling (well not really ‘cause DUH, but OK, now it’s out in the open) when it was revealed that FIFA is corrupt (too early in the piece for another DUH?) and that the FIFA World Cup was awash with bribes and kickbacks (how about now...

Got an extra hundred million or two floating around and thinking of taking up a new hobby?  

How about Formula One? 

The average price of a Formula One racing car is 10 million US dollars.  

For that you get the whole body plus parts of the car, althou...

Cycling is a fabulous sport.  

Nothing could be simpler, just you, a bike, and the road.  

Of course there are elements of safety that need to be taken into consideration.  

A good quality helmet, the right foot wear and, importantly fast drying shorts and...

The Beautiful Game, known as football in half the world and Soccer in the other half, is a massive money making machine. 

Top players earn top dollars. Sponsorship and TV rights bring the cash in, fans keep the dream alive, but who owns the teams? 

Once upon a time it mi...

Nothing screams ‘midlife crisis‘ like an overwhelming desire to buy a sports car and jump from a moving aeroplane…..not as a literal sequence obviously.  

Who, apart from James Bond, drives a sports car out of a perfectly good plane at 10,000 feet? 

Perhaps it’...

The fact that Cave Diving is described as ‘A deceptively easy way to die’ should alert you to the dangers of such a sport, however every year experienced SCUBA divers take that extra step and enter a world under the realms of being underwater. 


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